Executive Leadership

keith_sentifordKeith Stentiford brings over 35 years of C-level executive leadership and operations experience to his coaching/consulting practice, which he started in 2012. His expertise spans multiple market verticals, from mass transportation and electrical power to enterprise software and startup ventures. He has held senior leadership positions in companies such as GE, Siemens, Alstom, and Spescom Software Inc.

As a valuable consultant, coach, advisor, and board member for Fortune 500 and mid-market companies, he applies rigorously defined structures to operational practices that lead to sustainable profitable growth.

In addition to fine-tuning company operations, Keith’s coaching also centers on challenging established thinking and creating a “say-do” work culture — that is, individuals commit not just to goals but to the actions needed to complete those goals. He also believes people are the real business differentiator, and his coaching helps clients improve their business outcomes by changing internal company attitudes and cultures.

Keith Stentiford Brand DNA

Working With Keith: The 5 M Methodology

When working with clients, Keith employs a “5 M” Methodology Analysis Approach: Model, Market, Money, Management, and Momentum.

This interactive personal engagement results in a re-engineering of current processes, as well as establishing sustainable transformational practices for profitable growth.
Keith works with C-level executives and various operational leaders to implement these changes, set up periodic reviews, and take corrective actions as needed.

The following modules are used to examine the company and to arrive at the desired transformational processes:

  • Organization Operation “Health Checkup”: This questionnaire examines company operations and scores the organization accordingly. From this we can determine which “M” to focus on or in what priority.
  • Create your Momentum: This module helps companies find their “upswing” or “downswing,” be it culture, profit, engagement, or other areas, to better understand what makes them “tick.”
  • Define your own Business Model: Companies refine and/or define their business models. Typically we find they’ve been historically scattered and disorganized, and internal culture is resistant to necessary change.
  • Call the Shots in Your Market: Companies should know intimately their strengths and weaknesses, where in the market they lead, and where they are more follower or niche player. This section will determine your approach and strategy.
  • Follow Your Money: Clients examine their strategy behind where the money is going and any sensitive issues around that topic. The goal is to drive financial excellence in the organization.
  • Transformational Management: This section is designed to help executives understand that sustained technological advantages or differentiators don’t actually exist, and that people need to be those differentiators and how to transform loyalty to performance.
  • Customer Excellence Program: Customer Excellence Program: Organizations tend to know very little about their actual customers. This module puts structure around the customer relationship process.
  • Transformational Salesmanship: Selling skills often are overlooked I.e. the ability to persuade people to want the things which they already need This section helps sales leaders better understand that process while improving individual goals and confidence along the way.

How Keith Describes His Practice

Keith’s services focus on companies seeking to restructure and execute transformational operational practices for sustainable profitable growth. He employs rigorously re-engineered and defined structures to operating processes.

Areas of Practice

Keith employs a hands-on approach by encompassing all facets of transformational leadership, bringing the outcome into focus and methodology to achieve a say-do culture.

Operational Transformation – Putting structure and rhythm around growth and operational excellence
  • Guiding clients through examinations and course correction of operational practices and procedures, leading to sustainable profitable growth
  • Challenging established thinking
  • Challenging the traction of your vision
Coaching Teams – Transforming loyalty to performance
  • Challenging clients established thinking and creating a SAY-DO culture
  • Team follow through on commitment and implementation/monitoring of growth processes
  • Development of people as the business differentiator
  • Striving to constantly improve the outcome of our efforts


Energy /Manufacturing /Utilities/ Technology/Software/ Transportation /Franchises.

Brand Promises

  1. Advise CEO and Board on assessment of business strategy, operational planning and execution
  2. Develop strategies to enhance top-line growth and new business development, and drive economic value in private and public companies
  3. Advise on business growth issues (right-sizing, unit economics, business scaling, new markets, process improvement)
  4. Drive assessment of customer and channel profitability and advise on sales and marketing strategies
  5. Advise on segmentation and customer identification and acquisition
  6. Advise on international expansion as well as strategies and tactics for developing non-U.S. markets
  7. Advise on development of the business leader’s inner circle and management team and creating alignment among the group
  8. Consultation to family-owned business on strategy, generational transfer and other transition issues


Keith believes in a hands-on style where he is one of the team, prepared to lead in transforming loyalty to performance. He is passionate about mentoring and guiding teams to own their outcomes.


  1. Business and Operations Leaders
  2. Private startup entrepreneurs
  3. Technology companies’ leadership suites
  4. High potentials development

Challenges Addressed – Headwinds

  1. Restrictions on “mining the organization” to uncover the flaws and processes needing transformation
  2. Internal Politics (e.g., the CEO must set the stage)
  3. Vision Traction and customer follow-through on agreed actions