Executive Leadership

keith_sentifordKeith Stentiford brings over 35 years of C-level executive leadership and operations experience to his coaching/consulting practice. His expertise spans multiple market verticals, from mass public transportation and electrical power to enterprise software and startup ventures.

As a valuable consultant, coach, advisor, and board member for Fortune 500 and mid-market companies, he applies rigorously defined structures to operational practices that lead to sustainable profitable growth.

In addition to fine-tuning company operations, Keith’s coaching also centers on challenging established thinking and creating a “say-do” work culture — that is, individuals commit not just to goals but to the actions needed to complete those goals. He also believes people are the real business differentiator, and his coaching helps clients improve their business outcomes by changing internal company attitudes and cultures. -converting loyalty to performance.

Throughout his executive career, Keith has held executive leadership positions with General Electric, Alstom (Grid Inc & Transportation Inc.) Organizations, Spescom Inc (Nasdaq) and Siemens.

Noteworthy Results

Energy: Managed the integration of $600 million acquisition; restructured processes resulting in order increase of 33%; cost reduction of 15%; gross margin increase of 5%.
Led NA Transportation group of International corporation, achieving noteworthy results: orders growth from $28O million to $1.1 billion; Backlog growth from $386million to US $1.2 billion, Income from Operation increased from 2.4% to 10.3%.
Refocused sales, operations and marketing on leverage points; raised venture capital; increased revenue by 150% and grew operating Income by $1 million.
Mentored CEO and grew business to achieve best ever in class results. Revenues grew by 68 %, 31% and 27% over 3-year period. Multi Franchise award winner.

Representative Engagements

• Develop strategies to enhance top-line growth, new business development and drive economic value in private/ public companies.
• Advise on business growth issues (rightsizing, unit economics, business scaling, new markets, process improvement).
• Drive assessment of customer and channel profitability and advise on sales and marketing strategies.
• Advise CEO and Board on success factors such as strategic planning; sales and marketing; operations; risk management and raising capital
• Engage with PE/VC companies, private owners on acquisitions, right sizing, scaling and exit strategies
• Help international companies design and implement strategies to penetrate the US and European markets.