Helping Leaders Improve

At Safe Harbor Consulting, we’re equipped to meet a wide range of needs when it comes to helping leaders improve themselves and their organizations.

Thanks to a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and styles, our coaches can work with you to address everything from overhauling your corporate operations to building new structures around critical processes to simply becoming a better public speaker.

Cultural Development

Corporate culture is made up of the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and management interact, whether with clients or one another. While corporate culture often develops on its own over time, as the result of the many different character traits of people in the company, leaders can influence and refine it, too. With few exceptions, organizations with strong, positive cultures tend to be the ones with the most success and long-term growth.

Safe Harbor Consulting coaches have decades of experience leading cultural development in massive corporations and startups alike. We can help you examine your own company’s culture and make the necessary steps towards positive change.

Areas of Focus: Discovery Program

Leadership Development

Leadership development refers to activities that improve the skills, abilities and confidence of leaders. After all, change in an organization always starts with those individual leaders.

At Safe Harbor Consulting, our coaches specialize in helping executives recognize how their own behaviors impact the organization and when those behaviors need to be adjusted. We work with leaders in a one-to-one format or with their teams to make the right adjustments that will lead their organizations on a path towards sustainable growth and a healthier overall culture.

Areas of Focus: Transformational Coaching

Strategic Alignment

Strategic alignment links an organization’s structure and resources with its strategy and business environment. In strategic alignment, the actions and goals of staff members and teams will fall in line with the company’s overall planned objectives, so that everyone works towards a common outcome. Businesses who employ a comprehensive plan for strategic alignment often have a higher success rate when it comes to achieving goals.

With Safe Harbor Consulting, you will work with a coach to create such strategies by addressing things like operational structures and existing processes, as well as how you interact with individuals up and down the organization.

Areas of Focus: Operational Transformation, Championing Strategies

Strategic Design

In strategic design, businesses apply forward-thinking design principles to all areas of the company to increase an organization’s ability to innovate and compete. The method relies heavily on leveraging data and analysis on both internal and external trends, so leaders make decisions based on facts and numbers rather than intuition. It is regarded as an effective way to bring together innovation, research, and management.

Coaches at Safe Harbor Consulting can help you identify and put in place the kinds of design-centric processes that will foster creativity and alignment throughout your company as it changes and grows.

Areas of Focus: Peer-to-Peer Networks (Internal and External), Breakthrough Outcomes, Change Management


Facilitators are tasked with any activity or process that makes a job easier, as well as with helping teams understand their common objectives and how to effectively work together to achieve them. Importantly, the facilitator doesn’t tell the rest of the room what to think; he or she guides the group towards arriving at its own answer or decision. As such, leaders must learn to effectively work with many different personality types and styles if they are to be successful facilitators.

Safe Harbor Coaches will help you create processes that enable participation from everyone in the room as you guide them towards a common outcome.

Areas of Focus: Workout Facilitation, Third-Party Leverage, Meeting Primes

Customer Advocacy

Customer advocacy is a form of customer service where organizations focus their energy and efforts on what is deemed best for the customer. A company that changes its actions and internal culture in ways that will better meet customers’ needs is oftentimes rewarded with more loyal customers willing to advocate for that company’s products and brands.

Coaches at Safe Harbor Consulting work with both large and small companies to help them redefine their relationships with their customers and create a company culture that reflects a customer-centric viewpoint.

Areas of Focus: Customer Engagement Excellence, Transformation Evaluations