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safe_harbor_consulting_about_youToday’s corporate culture requires executives to constantly set measurable goals and meet them with the most streamlined operations possible — an exhaustive and time-consuming process for most people. Under such pressures, many executives struggle to find a judgement-free place to “think out loud” about their decisions and better understand how their behaviors affect the team, current processes, and goals for their company.

Safe Harbor Consulting provides that place. We are a virtual community of subject-matter experts who share years of experience in transformational coaching, change management, strategic design, and innovation. Our job is to act as your guides on the path to becoming a better leader, which will also help you develop operational and management structures that will meet the demands coming from your board.

All change, whether it’s behavioral or operational, starts with awareness. Our experts will first start a one-to-one conversation with you about your own responses to situations. How do you react to deadlines or market pressures? How do you cope with the general chaos of the modern workplace? From there, we can also help you examine team behaviors, understand how they affect operations, and adjust them to better meet you and your board’s visions and goals. But whether it’s you or your team, purposeful examination is ultimately what drives the most change in an organization, and what provides the most impactful answers to business problems.

With Safe Harbor Consulting, you will find an accessible, comfortable, and confidential path towards change. And because we are a collective, we’re committed to finding the best combination of expertise based on your individual needs, not ours. Come get to know us and we’ll decide your path together.